Scavenger Hunt


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The Winter Wine Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Experience the 1st Annual Carson Road Wineries Winter Wine Adventure through social media! This scavenger hunt will be a way to interact with the event and share your experiences. Complete the following tasks on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #CRWwinterwine as well as the corresponding task hashtags by 7 PM on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Winners will be announced within 7 days on Facebook, Instagram and the Carson Road Wineries Website Please see below for rules and prize information:

The Prize

The prize information is coming soon!

The Rules

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts should be public and you must be a follower of @carsonroadwineries Facebook or Instagram, if you post. Post your photos* to YOUR Facebook/Instagram with the winery tag and the task-specific hashtags listed next to the photo topic.For Example, if you post the Jodar Winery scavenger hunt item to YOUR page, use the winery tag @jodarwinery and the hashtag #wwfoundit7, which is the item specific hashtag for their scavenger hunt item.

Each photo can only count for one item.

Have fun! Use this opportunity to notice, play, and engage!

Be creative with your shots.

In order to qualify to be entered to win Grand Prizes, at least 4 scavenger hunt photos from 4 different winery/brewery locations must be submitted by 7:00 PM on Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Grand Prize drawing winners will be announced by 5:00 PM on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Qualified winners will be drawn randomly

Please use Facebook Messenger at @CarsonRoadWineries if you have any questions about the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

*Important: Please do not post any photos of other individuals without obtaining their permission first.

The Photo Clues

Bumgarner Winery – Clue: Earth and Fire, Clay and Glass @bumgarnerwinery #wwafoundit1
Crystal Basin Cellars Clue: My kits are driving me to drink! @crystalbasincellars #wwafoundit2
diVittorio Winery – Clue: Patriarch in white, say “Ciao” back! @divittoriowinery #wwafoundit3
Fenton Herriott Vineyards – Clue: Get close to the “Jack” if you want to score! @FentonHerriott #wwafoundit4
Findleton Estate Winery – Clue: Find the tree that provides the seal to the precious juice that makes us squeal. Reach into the basket that is on top, bring it to where the “Two Toms Battle” Don’t Stop! Take a picture while your there, hold your treasure in the air! @FindletonEstateWinery #wwafoundit5
HWY 50 Brewery – Clue: It’s amber and you put amber in it! @HWY50Brewery #wwafoundit6
Jodar Winery – Clue: 66 million years old but a newborn I am. @jodarwinery #wwafoundit7
Mastroserio Winery – Clue: I grow out of my mother’s nest, she has long red ribs and lime green skin, to see me you have to look deep inside, there you will see my little bug like head… come find me! @MastroserioWinery #wwafoundit8
Nello Olivo Winery – Clue: I’ve been framed, but I have an offer you can’t refuse! @NelloOlivoWine #wwafoundit9
Red Poets & Skyhawk Lane – Clue: How many bottles do I dare put into the air…all at once? @RedPoetsandSkyhawkLane #wwafoundit10
Sparkling Fin – Clue: I’m “Sue”, the original Bubblehead! @SparklingFinWines #wwafoundit11
Via Romano – Clue: I love to squeeze and the pressure doesn’t bother me! @ViaRomanoVineyards #wwafoundit12